"The regionís centre of excellence in maritime and inland transport total logistics"


To achieve through increased co-operation:

  • International competitive and cost effective maritime transport service that is high on safety and low on pollution;
  • An attractive environment for private sector investment in international and coastal shipping;
  • Defined and harmonized shipping policies capable of promoting harmonious and sustained development of the regional fleet;
  • Forum for advocacy of seamless and cost effective regional transport and cross border systems;
  • Regular consultations between member states and other stakeholders with a view of determining regional common positions on all issues of international Maritime Policy;
  • Vibrant national shippers associations in the member states;
  • Well advised and informed member states and other contracting parties regarding sector based policies and common standards in the fields of shipping services, port operations and modalities of servicing landlocked countries;
  • Clear understanding of commercial implications of the maintenance of the safety and security of maritime transport services including matters relating to integrated coast guard services , port state control and joint search and rescue operations.